Fishing the Kennebec River



The Kennebec River begins at two dams on the west side of Moosehead Lake.  The East and West Branch of the Kennebec then flow from this beginning to Indian Pond where they are collected and released from the Harris Station dam.  The Kennebec then flows to The Forks Township where it joins with the Dead River (another fishable river) and continues south to Wyman Lake.  From this point the Kennebec flows through several dams on its way through the Upper Kennebec Valley.  These dams create fantastic fisheries in the tail waters below.  The Kennebec River in the Upper Kennebec Valley is arguably the finest WILD trout fishery in the Eastern US.  There is no stocking above Solon in the river so every fish that you catch was born in the watershed.  You can catch these fish with dry flies throughout the summer months when most other waters are marginal at best.

Warning: Water levels are subject to change without notice.  

Please wade carefully.


The Kennebec River, from the Harris Station dam to the dam in Solon, contains a healthy population of brook trout, landlocked salmon, and a self sustaining population of rainbow trout.  These fish can be found in the river in large numbers.  Splake (a cross between a lake trout and a brook trout), lake trout, and smallmouth bass also inhabit these waters in smaller numbers.  The splake come out of Wyman Lake where they have been stocked over the last few years.  The lake trout also come out of Wyman Lake and Indian Pond but are rarely caught.  The smallmouth bass have moved down through the system from Indian Pond and their numbers are increasing.  Below Solon, brown trout are stocked by the Maine Dept of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and provide another popular flyfishing adversary.


At Gateway Recreation and Lodging you can access some of the finest fishing on the Kennebec right from your cabin.  The Kennebec River below Wyman Dam  is home to healthy populations of landlocked salmon, brook trout, and rainbow trout.  These fish will readily take flies and can provide action at all times of the day.  The fish will average 12-14 inches in length and will be well fed and healthy.  Fish in the 16 inch range are common with the possibility of hooking into a fish in the 18-24 inch range.  A 31 inch rainbow was caught (on a fly) and released in this stretch during the 2000 open water season.  Anything is possible.


Fishing on the Kennebec is not only about the fish.  Watch deer cross the river to one of the many islands in the river.  Bald eagles and ospreys may also come and fish beside you.  There is nothing more impressive than watching an osprey dive into the river and emerge with lunch in its talons.  Numerous species of ducks will also be seen, as well as flocks of Canadian geese.  All of these scenes can be seen in one morning of fishing the Kennebec.

If you are interested in fishing the Kennebec River then contact our guide for more information.  He will be happy to answer any questions concerning tackle, hatches, water levels, or times to fish this beautiful river.




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