Hop on your snowmobile and within seconds be on ITS 87 snowmobiling north or south. Head north and your next stop could be The Forks, Jackman, or Greenville. Head south and access ITS 84 and your next stop could be Sugarloaf, Rangeley, Eustis, or anywhere in between.

Fuel, parts, and restaurants are all located within a 2-5 minute ride from your cabin.



Numerous snowfalls provide for great snowmobile riding throughout the season. This snowfall also provides for a long season.

The snowmobile trails are groomed numerous times per week to provide some of the best riding in the state. The trails travel through the western mountains providing some of the most breathtaking views in Maine. Wildlife is often seen from the trails. Be sure to bring your camera.


Local clubs groom miles of additional trails besides the ITS system. These local trails can provide peaceful snowmobiling with access to some beautiful scenery not seen from the ITS trails.




Early April provides some great riding after the traditional season is winding down. Night time and early morning rides on frozen crust provides access to areas that the trails do not go. This is not typical trail riding as a majority of the riding takes place on unplowed roads and clear cuts which offers an assortment of opportunities for the adventurous snowmobiler. During this time of year it is possible to snowmobile without seeing another person. The only disadvantage is that riding usually must end by noontime due to the rising temperatures of April.

    Present Trail Conditions  

Please support the local snowmobile clubs. Their hard work makes all of this possible.

Local clubs in the Bingham area:

Valley Riders                  Lexington Highlanders


Please remember to ride Safe and ride Sober!

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